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MOUNTAIN’s vision is to provide ultimate freedom for all gamers and create a unique, user-centric, at the same time, sustainable gaming experience through the highest level of customization. CRE8 was entrusted with the mission to design the brand’s first keyboard and mice as well as the packaging.

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This mechanical keyboard excels at its unparalleled modularity and customizability. The detachable media dock with its unique display dial provides fast access to multiple settings and software configs.

pic-4 iF Design Award 2021

The number pad can be attached to either right or left side of the keyboard for ambidextrous use; its 4 display keys can be individually personalized with shortcuts and even custom images; the patented magnetic feet allow for a perfect height adjustment.

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Makalu 67

The pill shaped perforation with its double-layer ribcage structure reduces the mouse weight to a mere 67g and follows the design language of the MOUNTAIN brand with very basic shape elements.

pic-5 iF Design Award 2021

The holes pattern was molded purposefully to minimize distortion. With the super smooth PTFE feet, the mouse glides smoothly and fast. Every unit includes a set of replacement feet to keep the mouse fresh for long-lasting, sustainable use.



The MOUNTAIN products come with high quality materials and are made to last. The eco-friendly packaging is 100% recyclable and every purchase supports the cause of Plastic Bank, which MOUNTAIN teamed up with to prevent 25,000 kg of plastic from reaching the oceans every year.

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