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Make Games Accessible to Children in Hospitals

Gamers Outreach

Why GO Karts

Gamers Outreach is a nonprofit organization that helps children cope with long-term hospital treatment through gaming. Hospitalization can cause fear and isolation. That is why the organization initiated the project “GO Karts” (Gamers Outreach Karts), portable video game kiosks that can be easily moved around hospitals, giving kids access to entertainment and a way to connect with others.


Innovative Design with Enhanced Usability

Based on the original idea, CRE8 optimized the GO Kart with improved ergonomics, efficient storage, great compatibility and portability, making it convenient for healthcare professionals and kids to use. A foot pedal controls the piston for easy height adjustment, while a 360-degree handle supports rotation and movement in any direction, also serving as a bumper.


Streamlined Production

To reduce packaging waste and minimize shipping footprint, we developed a new flat-pack design that allows for easy, tool-free assembly of the GO Karts. Collaborative efforts across our design, engineering, and manufacturing teams have streamlined and optimized the production and assembly processes, all while maintaining excellent product quality.