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COUGAR first approached CRE8 almost 10 years ago. With a solid background in PC case manufacturing, the brand wanted to develop a full collection of gaming hardware devices for serious gamers, starting with creating its flagship products – 700M gaming mouse and 700K gaming keyboard. CRE8 was entrusted with the mission and later was asked to extract signature design elements from these projects for further application to the whole product series.

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The gaming hardware market was mature by then already, so strategic brand positioning became even more important. Designers focused on a niche group – the extreme gamers craving for cutting-edge design as well as top-notch ergonomics, and took inspiration from other industries, for example, military equipment and off-road vehicles, to build incomparable gaming experiences.

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The backbone structure can be seen throughout COUGAR gaming cases, keyboards, and mice, providing robust support and a base for highly customizable features. The modular design solution enables superior expandability. The optimized ergonomics and adjustable mechanism allow for extended comfort and efficient control.

cougar gaming

In addition to advanced functionality, the products’ geometric facets, bent metal plates, and finely anodized surfaces define a consistent visual language and set a premium undertone that really makes the brand stand out.

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