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mechanical engineering


Originally an OEM/ODM company specializing in making motors and fans, Pakwell wanted to establish an own brand by developing its first product – circulation fan – targeting sophisticated technology lovers who also embrace better aesthetics and life quality. CRE8 was appointed to help with the design and mechanical engineering work.

circulation fan


The team encountered two major challenges during product development: to enable a more cost-effective production process, our designers and engineers had to collaborate wisely and minimize the number of parts for easier assembly; besides, due to motor’s heavy weight, the rotating hinge needed to be carefully calculated and positioned for balancing the center of gravity.

circulation fan


A sturdy metal arm structure is designed to hold the fan in 3 modes: vertically, horizontally, and tilted at 45 degrees, enabling the product to conveniently fit in any environment with enhanced ventilation. The base plate is well measured to take as little space as possible but to still provide a firm foundation.

circulation fan

To give the circulation fan a premium high-tech feel, the cables and handlebar are neatly integrated to accentuate its clean, geometric design elements. The stylish curved mesh on the front cover adds a refined touch to the overall design.

circulation fan