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CRE8’s first collaboration with SteelSeries dates back to 2008, when World of Warcraft was a global phenomenon and CRE8 was commissioned by the company to design 3 generations of the iconic WoW-themed gaming mouse series. A decade later, CRE8 recently helps SteelSeries build a new cross-genre gaming mouse – Rival 5, to exhibit a contemporary and clean design language, as well as an MMO/MOBA version – Aerox 9.



While keeping the essence of its predecessor – Rival 600, the Rival 5 also needs to serve the needs of gamers across different genres: Battle Royale, FPS, MOBA, and MMO games. This required intensive deliberation designing the buttons layout for a swift experience and precision; as well as finding balance between competitive weight and versatile functionality.



Rival 5

Designed for right-handed users, Rival 5 avoids a loud, complicated style and blends elegance into its matte black finish, sleek body lines, and subtle RGB lighting effect, delivering a simple yet layered undertone with professionalism.


The easily accessible buttons and special contour design on both sides provide better ergonomic support and comfort for users to enjoy long hours of gameplay, whether in a fingertip grip, claw grip, or palm grip mode.


Aerox 9

Sharing the same design DNA, Aerox 9 follows a clean and neat product language to offer MMO/MOBA gamers the ultimate performance.

Aerox 9

Designed with precision and comfort in mind, the surface and side panel integrate enhanced ergonomics for intuitive thumb positioning in palm grip mode.

Aerox 9-2