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Liyan Tec
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As a startup company, the team of Liyan wanted to build a safe, compact, and portable hanging fan for users who live in a limited space or simply enjoy travelling light to dry their clothes anywhere without hassles. CRE8 was approached to assist Liyan throughout the product development process from design to mechanical engineering.

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Due to the size and weight restriction proposed by the client, there was very little room inside the main cylinder structure, making it difficult to integrate the motor, gearbox, batteries and other electrical components.

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The designers and engineers also had to study various user scenarios to ensure an intuitive and secure operation through a well arranged and simplified layout including the power button and indicator lights.

Fan 4


To fully utilize the hanging fan’s inner space, screws were hidden in its structure; the fans opening angle and the edges tilt angle were carefully calculated to generate maximized wind without shakes; the folding mechanism was strengthened for easily stowing the product and a more sustainable use.

Fan 6

A safety switch underneath the hook was smartly integrated with the electrical system to automatically shut power off when the product was not hung properly. To guarantee continuous supply of electricity, two 18650 rechargeable batteries, the same spec as used by Tesla, were adopted with a charger port at the bottom to avoid tangling clothes.

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