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COUGAR gaming


After working with COUGAR for over 10 years, CRE8 has established a long-term relationship with the brand and helped them build a full gaming product line from mice, keyboards, to PC cases, all following a distinctive design language that incorporates advanced ergonomics, highest modularity, and a backbone structure.

cougar gaming


As many of the existing gaming chairs are only office chairs with add-ons, COUGAR entrusted CRE8 to develop a new generation gaming chair – Terminator – from scratch. The process took almost three years as the design was unprecedented and required multiple innovations to really answer to the gamers’ needs of comfort over long gameplay.

cougar gaming


Taking design cues from biomimetics, the chair’s curved, spine-like supporting system with reinforcement on the lumbar area ensures a proper sitting posture and bolsters your entire back while relieving stress.

cougar gaming

The modularized frame construction is fully customizable; you can easily adjust the headrest, backrest, and a pair of 4D armrests to adapt to your body type. The mesh design in the center of the backrest also allows for superior ventilation, so gamers can stay fresh and focused.


The inspiration from sports cars can be seen in its wraparound backrest and seat design as well as CMF selection: the dynamic orange embellishment in contrast to premium black and the soft, extra durable Hyper-Dura leatherette for comfort and extended product lifespan.

cougar gaming