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A timeless design language that can be applied to all future products as well as the software user interface

CRE8-WS-Virtuoso_Pic-01 iF Design Award 2020 + CES 2020


As one of the world leading companies providing premium memory modules, Corsair wanted to expand its market and develop high-end gaming peripherals. CRE8 was invited to be its design partner and co-create Corsair’s initial gaming input device series from the ground up. Per Corsair’s request, we wanted to come up with a timeless design language that could be applied to all future products as well as the software user interface.

Corsair Glaive iF Design Award 2018


The gaming hardware market was already quite mature, and well-informed consumers were encouraged to look for more exciting and refined gear. Our designers needed to come up with breakthrough ideas and innovations that would raise the bar. Solving pain-points through innovation would make the brand believable to serious gamers from the get-go.


The brand also required an overarching and consistent design strategy which could be fully translated throughout the whole product portfolio and across different categories, sizes, and shapes.



Our designers endeavored to build a design language inheriting the brand’s spirit: “MAKE TOOLS, NOT TOYS”. Instead of adding more to design, we decided to take out unnecessary distractions and scale it down. We took off the top lid of the keyboard and disclosed its unique metal inner structure; while the mouse was designed with all parts mounted onto a similar sturdy aluminum unibody.


We gave this “features-exposed” strategy a name: “exoskeleton”, and implemented it on all the products in the lineup, from keyboards, mice, headsets, DRAMs, to the software GUI.

Corsair-CS_Pic07_1920x1080 iF 2013+Red Dot 2012_fix

Eight years later and counting, over 30 products of the family are derived from the same “exoskeleton” design language. This consistency in design is an ultra-efficient and cost-effective tool to communicate quality with product users.


Kris and the CRE8 team are as passionate about our business as we are, helping us reimagine the gaming mouse, keyboard and headset while creating a visually outstanding and functionally innovative series of products.

Ruben Mookerjee