NTUT Innovation & Design Seminar 2013


CRE8 design is always more than happy to share social responsibility and give back to the educational system.

In 2013, together with the ID department of NTUT (National Taipei University of Technology), CRE8 co-hosted the International Conference of Innovation and Design (ICID) seminar, which included a two-day workshop at NTUT; a keynote speech by Kris Verstockt, founder/owner of CRE8 DESIGN; and a half-day company visit to CRE8’s main headquarters in Taipei. 

ICID invited students from several universities in Taipei (many students were at the graduate level).  A majority of students were industrial design majors, with a few business management majors in the mix.

Three months before the workshop, CRE8’s managers began preparations and setup strategy for this event.Unlike the traditional workshop we would hold for corporations, design firms, and students – “create ONE design quickly and don’t think too deep” – CRE8 used this two-day activity to help students envision themselves in a start-up scenario, then spur them to draw on their respective experience and expertise, then lead them to interact with CRE8’s management team to gain vital insights and generate exciting, game-changing results.

We chose four companies that were once prosperous but are now dead in the water.  We then divided students into eight groups, where two share the same target company.  On the first day, students worked as a team to investigate the firms' history, challenges, and current status.  Then the students identified various ideas and strategies to turn these firms around, and they presented these to CRE8's management team.  Under our direction, eight groups developed eight different approaches - then they continued brainstorming these solutions the next day.

At the end of this intensive exercise, each team reported their findings about how they could inject the maximum level of innovation in each case.  CRE8's management team was highly impressed with the results.

Keynote Speech:
Kris Verstockt, founder/owner of CRE8 DESIGN, presented a keynote speech to ICID focusing on the theme “What Design Can/Cannot Do for You,” in which he shared his insights into the design industry gained by 20 years of experience in Asia.

Company visit:
On the last day of the seminar, ICID professors and students visited CRE8's headquarters in Taipei NeiHu during peak business hours.  CRE8 presented many of our award-winning efforts and shared our insights about what has made us consistently successful and innovative.

This event concluded with thanks from the students to CRE8 for sharing our experiences and methodology for success in a very demanding marketplace.