Your One-Stop Design and Manufacturing Partner


CRE8’s R&D Team

CRE8’s R&D team consists of 7 engineering professionals, each specializing in a dedicated industry: consumer electronics, automobile, aviation, medical equipment, machine tools, and more.

With strengths of being a system integrator, our engineers are equipped with solid experiences and understanding in communication with industrial designers, electronics engineers; engineering verification with prototypes; documentation; production and quality control.

All the manufacturers that partner with CRE8 have passed the ISO9001 standard and are with us for more than 10 years, which guarantees seamless collaboration, the best production quality, and a more competitive price. CRE8 is responsible for monitoring the whole manufacturing process, so our clients can have confidence in the production quality.

Mechanical Prototyping

CRE8 is in collaboration with a wide range of prototyping factories and helps with sourcing, production monitoring, and on-site quality control. Based on our clients’ needs, we get to make prototypes with soft fabrics, plastics, or metal. The standard is good enough to be “golden sample” prototypes. CRE8 makes sure that the quality is at its best while keeping prices highly competitive.

CNC Milling Production

To adapt to the latest industry trends, more and more products require metal components. Our CNC milling partner has many years of experience and owns more than 40 machines in a well-controlled and well-maintained environment. This allows for higher production volumes and consistency in product quality.

Sheet Metal Punching

Our sheet metal manufacturers have well-operated supply chains and machines of high standard. From large metal plates to small metal components for connectors, we work with qualified manufacturers that are capable of punching metals of all sizes with systematic and careful quality control.

Molding and Plastic Injection

CRE8 is capable of designing and helping to produce a wide range of products made with plastic, whether it is industrial plastics, such as rubber, silicone, or even vacuum forming plastics and medical plastics.

CRE8’s plastic injection partner has a quality control team and assembly lines to provide a complete service package with high standard. Our engineers coordinate flow analysis, surface quality control, all documentation and SOP for the assembly process.